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 2016 Ford F550 XLT 16' CU $49,750
Used 2016 Ford F550 XLT 16' CU for Sale
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EngineFORD  POWER STRO  300 RE Ratio4.10
Sleeper Wheelbase201" 
TransmissionAUTOMATIC 6 SPE WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires225/70R19.5
FA Capacity7,000 Lbs. Odometer51,249
RA Capacity13,660 Lbs. Unit#6678
GVWR18,000 Lbs. 

 2016 Ford F550 CREW CAB 1 $53,650
Used 2016 Ford F550 CREW CAB 1 for Sale
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EngineFORD  POWER STRO  300 RE Ratio4.10
Sleeper Wheelbase200" 
TransmissionAUTOMATIC 6-SPE WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires225/70R19.5
FA Capacity7,000 Lbs. Odometer44,170
RA Capacity13,660 Lbs. Unit#6679
GVWR18,000 Lbs. 

 2016 Ford F550 4X4 16' ST $48,365
Used 2016 Ford F550 4X4 16' ST for Sale
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EngineFORD  6.7L V-8   RE Ratio4.10
Sleeper Wheelbase201" 
TransmissionAUTOMATIC 6-SP WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires225/70R19.5
FA Capacity7,000 Lbs. Odometer40,486
RA Capacity13,660 Lbs. Unit#6684
GVWR18,000 Lbs. 

 2015 Ford E350 15' BOX VA $27,200
Used 2015 Ford E350 15' BOX VA for Sale
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EngineFORD  5.4 TRITON  320 RE Ratio410
Sleeper Wheelbase158" 
Transmission5 SPEED AUTO WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring TiresLT225/75Rx16
FA Capacity4,600 Lbs. Odometer45,842
RA Capacity8,500 Lbs. Unit#6671
GVWR12,500 Lbs. 

 2015 CAT CT660 15' DUMPCall!
Used 2015 CAT CT660 15' DUMP for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineCaterpillar  CT13  430 RE Ratio4.33
Sleeper Wheelbase195" 
TransmissionRTLO16913A 13 WheelsAluminum
SuspensionHendrickson HMX Tires11R24.5 14PR
FA Capacity16,000 Lbs. Odometer93,250
RA Capacity40,000 Lbs. Unit#6688
GVWR56,000 Lbs. 

 2014 Ford F350 UTILITY $34,500
Used 2014 Ford F350   UTILITY for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineFORD  6.2L V8  385 RE Ratio3.73
Sleeper Wheelbase141" 
Transmission6 Speed AUTO WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires245/75R17
FA Capacity4,250 Lbs. Odometer38,133
RA Capacity9,750 Lbs. Unit#6655
GVWR13,700 Lbs. 

 2013 Kenworth T800 3 AXLE NON $42,900
Used 2013 Kenworth T800 3 AXLE NON for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EnginePACCAR/PACCAR  MX 12  360 RE Ratio3.70
SleeperNon Wheelbase178" 
TransmissionFRO16210C WheelsAluminum
SuspensionAir Ride Tires11R22.5
FA Capacity13,200 Lbs. Odometer512,079
RA Capacity40,000 Lbs. Unit#6470
GVWR53,200 Lbs. 

 2013 Isuzu NPR HD 14' STAK $29,700
Used 2013 Isuzu NPR HD 14' STAK for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineIsuzu  4HK1TC  215 RE Ratio4.56
Sleeper Wheelbase133" 
TransmissionA465 6 SPEED AU WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires215X85R16
FA Capacity5,360 Lbs. Odometer155,065
RA Capacity9,880 Lbs. Unit#6544
GVWR14,500 Lbs. 

 2012 Isuzu NRR 18' REEFER $49,850
Used 2012 Isuzu NRR  18' REEFER for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineIsuzu  4HK1TC  210 RE Ratio5.57
Sleeper Wheelbase176" 
TransmissionA465 WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires225/70R19.5
FA Capacity7,275 Lbs. Odometer110,762
RA Capacity13,660 Lbs. Unit#6622
GVWR19,500 Lbs. 

 2012 Isuzu NPRHD 16' VANCall!
Used 2012 Isuzu NPRHD 16' VAN for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineIsuzu  4HK1TC  210 RE Ratio4.55
Sleeper Wheelbase150" 
TransmissionA465 5 SPEED AU WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires215X85R16 10
FA Capacity6,380 Lbs. Odometer156,270
RA Capacity11,020 Lbs. Unit#6642
GVWR14,500 Lbs. 

 1992 Chevrolet KODIAK 55' LADD $8,700
Used 1992 Chevrolet KODIAK 55' LADD for Sale
(Click Photo for Details)
EngineGMC  8.1 V8   RE Ratio
Sleeper Wheelbase 
Transmission5 SPEED WITH 2 WheelsSteel
SuspensionSpring Tires900RX20
FA Capacity Odometer394,136
RA Capacity Unit#6488
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